Drive better decision-making with product data analytics*

With Prodeology's Product Data Analytics, you can uncover deep insights, track vital metrics, and understand your user's journey like never before.

* Data analytics is rolling out to selected clients, with full availability in fall 2023.

Auto-Generated User Behavior Reports

Discover the secrets hidden within your product usage, all presented in simple, easy-to-understand reports.

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Effortless Metrics Tracking

No more guesswork. Track the right metrics without any setup headaches, using our smart analytics tools.

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Data Source Integration

Connect your data source seamlessly and start uncovering key product metrics.

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Use rich, reliable product data to guide your decisions and enhance user experiences.

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More features

Product Usage Evaluation

Get a true picture of your product's usage and identify the features that are creating the most value.

Predefined Reports

Kickstart your data analysis with ready-to-use reports designed to provide rapid insights.

Analytics-Driven Feature Backlog

Leverage comprehensive analytics integrated into your backlog, empowering data-informed decision making for optimal feature prioritization.

Holistic Decision-Making

Seamlessly blend qualitative and quantitative data in your analysis for richer insights and more informed product decisions.

Feature Adoption Report

Gain insights on user engagement with new features, highlighting usage frequency and perceived value, to optimize your product roadmap.

Retention Analysis

Track user retention over time and understand the factors that keep users coming back.

Roadmap Release Success Report

Track the performance of your newly launched features, assessing user adoption and engagement to measure the success of your product roadmap.

User Activity Impact Report

See the direct influence of your product, area, or feature releases on user activity trends over time.

Funnel Analysis

Visualize user paths through your product and identify where users drop off to improve conversion rates.

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