Align your team behind
the product strategy

Plan and share the timing and scope of critical initiatives and releases. Visualize your strategy and empower your teams to view and communicate strategic decisions.

Customer-focused Prioritization

Prioritize feature ideas with a few clicks, ensuring your team is always aligned with the product strategy.

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Create public portals

Create portals to show what you are building next in your product, ideas, and what was released. Share with everyone or with segments of your customers and stakeholders.

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Adaptive Views

Switch between Timeline, Kanban and Portal views depending upon your strategic and operational needs.

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Complete Customization

Tailor all aspects of your roadmap plan from grouping by various columns in Kanban to lanes in the Timeline view.

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More features

Advanced Filtering

Narrow down your roadmap view based on assignee, status, deadline, and more.

Collaborative Environment

Share your roadmap with stakeholders for a more interactive and cooperative product management experience.

Customer Feedback Integration

Consolidate and manage customer feedback directly into your roadmap to build better, more user-focused products.

Insightful Metrics

Connect qualitative and quantitative data points to make more informed decisions.

Feature Suggestion

Foster a sense of community and innovation by allowing users to share their thoughts and insights through feature suggestions.

Secure Access Controls

Manage who can see and edit your roadmap with robust access permissions.

Customizable Views
for Stakeholders

Customize the level of detail that each stakeholder can see. You can provide executives with high-level strategic views and customers with feature-specific updates.

Feedback Loop

Enable stakeholders and customers to directly leave feedback on your roadmap. This enhances communication and ensures the user's voice is integral to the product's development.

Automated Notifications

Keep your stakeholders informed with automatic updates whenever there's a change or progress in the roadmap. This ensures everyone stays updated without needing to check the roadmap continually.

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