Empower customer collaboration throughout the product lifecycle

Create a unified space for innovation with Product Portals. Collaborate with customers and colleagues, validate feature ideas, and build products that truly meet user needs.

Customizable, Sharable, Product Portal

Create a customizable product portal that showcases under consideration features, planned innovations, and launched updates.

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Validate ideas

Get instant feedback on your feature ideas from customers and colleagues, promoting a culture of collaboration and innovation.

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Actionable User Feedback

Discover what your users truly want with Prodeology's feedback mechanisms, helping you prioritize feature development effectively.

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Feedback Loop Closure

Send timely updates to everyone who requested a feature, celebrating its launch, or inviting them for beta testing.

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More features

Shared Product Plan

Share your product's roadmap with your customers, keeping them informed about what's coming up next.

Innovation Celebration

Highlight newly launched features and celebrate the progress made by your team.

Open Idea Submission

Encourage users to submit new feature ideas, fostering a proactive community that contributes to your product's development.

Integrated Feedback Management

Every feedback is automatically linked to the respective feature, keeping your insights organized and accessible.

Portal Update Posts

Communicate effectively with your customers by posting updates that can be easily viewed and shared.

Custom Portal Sharing Settings

Control who can access your portal with customized sharing settings, providing security and accessibility as needed.

Progress Tracking

Track all feature requests and updates in one place, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned.

Manage Customer Satisfaction

Show your users that their voice matters and increase customer satisfaction by responding to and implementing their feedback.

Idea Prioritization

Understand which feature ideas are most requested and prioritize them based on user feedback.

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