Empower collaborative innovation with crowdsourced feature ideas

Bring customer insights to the forefront of product development. Harness feedback, uncover needs, and transform your ideas into superior products.

Crowdsourced Innovation

Analyze user feedback to understand and pinpoint customers' core needs and desires, assisting in the development of truly user-centric products.

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Idea Collection

Aggregate all your customer feedback into a single, organized repository. Centralize data from various channels, providing a holistic view of user sentiment.

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Customizable Ideas Portal

Loop back to your customers with updates on their feedback, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the product development cycle.

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Closing the feedback loop

Nurture ideas from conception to realization. Transform customer ideas into released features while keeping them informed and engaged throughout the journey.

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More features

Informed Decision Making

Prioritize product developments based on direct customer feedback, avoiding guesswork and misdirection.

Idea Collaboration

Foster an interactive community where customers can vote on and discuss ideas, further engaging them in the product development process.

Idea Hub

Transform your ideas portal into an innovation hub where customers, partners, and employees can submit and vote on ideas, encouraging maximum feedback.

Idea Review System

Efficiently manage new submissions, categorize ideas, and evaluate them with team members, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Idea Value Analysis

Score ideas against your strategic goals and use reports to identify high-impact features, focusing on what matters most to your customers.

Automated Status Updates

Keep your community informed with automatic notifications on idea status changes, new comments, and admin responses.

Top Idea Promotion

Seamlessly integrate customer feedback into your planning process by promoting high-value ideas into work items with a single click.

Boosting Customer Satisfaction

Foster a culture of listening and responding to customer feedback, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Streamlined Notifications

Keep your customers in the loop with automatic notifications. Let them know when their feedback has been implemented or a feature they’ve requested has been released

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