Learn how Prodeology can drive your product decisions

Prioritize Features

Create workspaces, products and features

Organize your product, product areas,features, request and ideas into workspaces.

Organize by columns and groups

Keep your columns organized by grouping them into various types.

Easily drag & drop stuff to place

Drag and drop table columns, groups and rows to logically organize your space.

Create Roadmaps

View your data from every possible dimension

Choose to see your product data in a flat of hierarchical view, and customize which type to see in each hierarchy level.

Save your favorite views

Save any dimension with its sorting and filtering into views that are best set up for you to accomplish the task at hand.

Advanced search and filtering

Search and filter by any data point and data range including custom types you have created.

Organize your Backlog

Custom types and formula fields

Create your own columns from a variety of available types, create complex formula fields to calculate data points that helps you prioritize and make decisions.

Set up a workflow that works for your team

Create workflow steps and statuses to keep track on progress.

Get quick data points with summary rows

All of your various data points are summarized for an instant view and break down. you have full control on the types of summaries (averaged, aggregated, etc.) and choice of visual appearance.

Collect and Manage Feedback

Collect effort estimates from anyone

Send a request for a feature effort estimate to any team in your company, regardless if the are an account user or not.

Create releases and sprints

Create columns from type release or a sprint and set custom parameters such as dates and goals.

Prioritize based on outcomes

Set your business and product goals and KPI's, create formula fields in order to calculate priority scores that are based on goal targets.

Portals for Public Roadmaps

Set goals and desired achievements

Assign your goals and KPI's to milestones and releases planned for your products.

Set a date to measure release success

Once a release has launched, give it the time you think is right for it to make an impact and get an alert when success is due to be measured.

Measure your success

When time to measure your success is due, grade your achievement, retrospect, and implement for the next iteration.

Product Data Analytics (Coming Soon)

Collect Ideas and Requests

Collect feedback ideas and requests from internal stakeholders, support team, customers and the market, organized in a single place.

Manage Feedback

Set importance of feedback, link it to a company a user and linked to your product features. easily filter and search through feedback items and bookmark those that are in high interest to you.

Prioritize using feedback scoring

Feedback Scores are based on the number of requests and ideas linked to a feature, their importance and who requested it.  Scores are used to make prioritization decisions or added to a more complex Formula field score.

Share with your company and customers
(coming soon)

Strategic Roadmap

Prodeology will automatically generate a live URL of a beautiful product roadmap derived from your product data, to be shared with anyone

Public Roadmap

Similar to the strategic roadmap, Prodeology will automatically generate a more basic and visual public roadmap to be shared with your customers and users.

Change Log

You can generate and share a changelog url that includes all the important details of your release history.

Highly Customizable Jira Integration

Add an even more powerful integrations and use cases to your internal workflow and existing tools and systems using Prodeology public API.

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Developer API Access

Add an even more powerful integrations and use cases to your internal workflow and existing tools and systems using Prodeology public API.

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